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Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano I'm still slightly undecided about this. In a nutshell, the writing style is lovely, the world-building less so. I’m automatically suspicious of any character who is a twin or who has different coloured eyes, but generally Rhine was okay, although I would have liked a bit more action and a bit less inner-monologuing. (This book seems to be setting up for the sequels more than anything else, which means that bits of it are very slow-paced.) Cecily was really grating, but Jenna was my favourite character, and the relationship between the sister wives was probably one of my favourite things about the book. In terms of world-building, Wither isn't as good as the other dystopia books that I’ve read, and there are a few plot holes and issues that are really jarring. The thing that especially annoyed me was the fact that the entire world got destroyed in WW3 except for the US – I mean, seriously? I hope that’s government propaganda or something, because that’s just ridiculous. And scientifically impossible. However, overall Wither was easy to read, and I liked the writing style a lot. Not enough to pick up the next book in the trilogy (I found the romance with Gabriel underwhelming, and I'm not bothered enough about any of the characters, especially not now that Jenna's died .) But it was still a fun read, plus it looks super pretty on my bookshelf!

The Tudor Wife

Tudor Wife - This was spectacularly terrible - I lost it at Anne of Cleves' comedy Dutch accent, but it's all awful. Avoid.

A Company of Swans

A Company of Swans - I was really disappointed with this - I generally love Eva Ibbotson's novels, but the heroine here seemed to get a lobotomy halfway through the book, and the plot wasn't as good as I was expecting either.